SKELETON Adjustable Placard


The SKELETON Placard embodies the concept of a multifunctional and adaptable accessory for plate carriers and chest rigs, transcending the limitations of a fixed pocket design. It is crafted to seamlessly adapt to various calibers and configurations, offering unparalleled versatility. Our goal is straightforward: to offer a genuinely customizable platform tailored to meet the unique requirements of your specific missions.

*** Magazine Inserts Are Sold Separately***


The most unique aspect of the SKELETON Placard is its expandable main compartment. Unlike most placards available on the market, which typically accommodate up to three 556 magazines, the SKELETON has the capability to be expanded to fit up to:

(4) 5.56 AR Magazines 

(3) 7.62x51 .308 Magazines 

(3) 7.62x39 AK Magazines

(5) SMG or Glock-Sized Magazines.

(3) 5.56 AR Magazines with Space for BAOFENG Radio/ TQ or Similar Size Items

The expansion process for the placard is efficient and simple. To begin, unfold the placard completely. Then, attach your chosen magazine inserts to the interior hook and loop area. Finally, refold the placard by securing the bottom flap first, followed by the side flaps, adjusting them as needed for the perfect fit.


The SKELETON Placard is designed with comprehensive laser-cut MOLLE on its front, sides, and bottom. This feature enables users to customize it with various expansion pouches such as front pouches, pistol magazine pouches, medical pouches, tourniquet pouches, and more. Additionally, it includes a hook and loop panel on the front for attaching identification patches. The placard also seamlessly integrates with Split Bar Tubes through its laser-cut slots on the sides, enhancing its adaptability and functionality.


The SKELETON Placard is adaptable for use as a chest rig system. It is equipped with side laser-cut slots that are compatible with 1-inch hardware, enabling the attachment of both shoulder and waist straps for a complete rig setup.


(1) SKELETON Placard

(4) Duraflex Female Buckles for Chest Rig System

*** Magazine Inserts Are Sold Separately***

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robert Johnson
Really Neat Gear

The placard is made of good quality material and didn’t disappoint, especially for the price point.


Love how it's like a blank slate for me to build up on. I was initially worried that the loop material lining the inside was going to make it difficult to velcro in an admin pouch I had, but the mag inserts being double-sided hooks solved that issue for me. The open-ended design is a breath of fresh air when everyone else designs placard systems that only work with their own accessories.

Almost perfect!

I have a video on how to install it on my Instagram @thetacgearjunkie. I use this placard on my active duty kit and it is wonderful! I’ve been looking for this to split my mags to 4 on my pc and 3 on my belt and this is the best product at a reasonable price. The only problem I had was when using Kydex inserts the placard bows out. I easily fixed this with 550 cord. Other than that it’s a great product.

Alston Blanchard

SKELETON Adjustable Placard

Derick Hicks
Thumbs up on a couple rigs and more.

Bought several chest rig, one for the wife, one for me as well as the 4 Mag insert and another modular rig system to go with it. Absolutely love it. The ability to cater the rig to the individual is phenomenal and they look fantastic! You've made a new fan AceTac!